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The Great Impact and Its Appendages – By Joe Bob – English version Charles Saba

sexta-feira, dezembro 1, 2023

CNN Business, in an article by its editor-in-chief Parrila Kavilanz, highlights that consumers, unhappy with high prices and the lack of products, show displeasure to find more empty shelves in recent days, in chains stores such as Giant Foods, Publix, Albertsons, Wallmart and others.

Evidently, all of this is directly linked to the so-called Chinese virus and the damage it continues to cause around the world, now exacerbated by the Omicron variant, which according to experts is less lethal, but spreads quickly. The lack of food on shelves has also been driven by a harsh winter in the northern hemisphere. This causes people to stay at home longer, stocking up on food and preparing their own meals, which in America is not common.

The emergency aid granted by the White House exacerbated the situation and caused many workers to consider their original wages as too low to expose themselves to the risk of contamination and chose to remain at home.

One of the most susceptible links in this chain that has been hampering supermarket supplies is the American transportation system. Road freight is hampered by an aging workforce, and labor shortages. The fear of disease spread by traditional media and the stimulus to stay at home through checks distributed by the government has contributed to the general malaise.

The US has the highest inflation rate in 40 years, according to AFP, reaching an unimaginable 7% in 2021, with energy prices rising 29.3% and food prices 6.3%. Disregarding these volatile vectors, the so-called underlying inflation reached 5.5%, its highest index since February 1991. The inflation target of the Fed, the American central bank, was 2% per year, much lower than what was published on January 12, 2022.

It is important to realize that the economic crisis that is going through the USA, Brazil and other countries is not national, nor is it the fault of a particular government, but of the Chinese virus that has contaminated humanity as a whole. Our country, like others, was not prepared to have its economic activities paralyzed, government to have to divert billions in resources to provide direct assistance to its population.

It should be noted that parallel to the expansion of the epidemic, international public opinion was practically divided in relation to the ways of combating the epidemic.

Aggressive and persecutory, they call themselves progressives, but behave like neo-torquemadas, they install true courts of the holy office to question as heretics those who oppose their dogmas.

They create a new type of Index Librorum Proibitoron, where they line up medicines and phrases prohibited from being presented on social networks. And they go much further, canceling, censoring, arresting, asylum and exterminating the reputation of those who dare to think differently. Interestingly, their privileges, speeches, faces, mouths, paunches and power recall those who in the historical past, for “humanitarian” reasons, threw people and books into the fire.

José Roberto de Souza Dias / Joe Bob – Two Flags Post Founder, Publisher & Editor-in Chief Journalist, Mtb 0083569 / SP/BR, Master in Economic History and PhD in Human Sciences at the University of São Paulo, Doctor Honoris Causa at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Florianópolis – Cesusc

Charles Saba, Two Flags Post Founder, Security Editor & Advertising Sales Department, Journalist Mtb 0083622/SP/BR, urban planner and expert and international speaker on public safety.

Charles Saba
Charles Saba
Charles Saba, fundador do Two Flags Post, editor de segurança e departamento de vendas de publicidade, jornalista Mtb 0083622

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