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Brazil is increasingly becoming a mirror of the United States when it comes to accessories – and progressively, more distant in essentials.

The construction of the United States was based on its one and only Constitution approved in 1787. With seven articles and twenty-seven amendments, it is the shortest in the world. All five of its original pages are written on parchment and have remained the same for 235 years.

The Brazilian Constitution, on the contrary, is from 1988, the seventh in History, has 250 Articles, 123 amendments and two international treaties. Considered the second largest on the planet, it is second only to India and has been in force for 34 years.

It is astonishing to see that throughout the Republic, the constitutions, with a voluminous number of articles and amendments, were not able to staunch crises, corruption, modernize the State and leverage social and economic development, allowing them to weaken democracy and the state of right between us.

In this way, in essence, we remain distant from the largest democracy in the world, where freedom of the press is sacred, including in the social networks through which the thinking of contemporary society flows today. In America any kind of social control of the media is seen as an attack on civil rights.

Now, free thinking, free undertaking, free making and distributing, is what guarantees the economic and social development of the United States.

Regarding what is accessory, Brazilians quickly assimilate the model distributed by the powerful propaganda and publicity machine of the North Americans.

This is the case with the current pattern of customs adopted by Big Techs, which are the large technology companies that dominate the market. Mostly located in Silicon Valley, they started as small startups, creating innovative, disruptive and scalable services.

In practice, they began to shape the way people work and communicate, as well as consumer behavior.

According to consultancy Sottelli, these technology giants are part of the daily lives of Brazilians. In social networks, in driver apps, in video streaming and, it can be said, even in the choice of government officials. Their main objective is to meet consumer demands and, above all, to grow even more, dominate markets and minds.

One of the natural consequences of this influence can be seen during and after the pandemic, when millions of people were banned from the streets and depended on apps and delivery people to receive medicine, food and even water at home.

The tragic consequence was the increase in traffic accidents involving pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles. Precisely among road users who are considered the most fragile and who are also the ones who least respect traffic rules.

People pressed for their commitments began to adopt American’s bad habits of eating. They consume fast food and mostly use fast delivery services. Many of these companies encourage their delivery people to fulfill their commitments as quickly as possible.

The consequence could not be otherwise, an increase in the number of accidents. Today, in most Brazilian cities, motorcyclists and cyclists do not respect traffic signs, they circulate in the wrong direction, do not stop at the headlights and worse still circulate on the sidewalks, putting their lives and third parties’ lives at risk. The authorities, apart from legitimate exceptions do not take any action, while the number of wounded and dead only increases.

As far as the ascendancy of big techs is concerned, it should be noted that they carry the virus of the so-called new world order, so well explained by Henry Kissinger in his work World Order published in 2014. and that encourages Brazilian citizens to pronounce the word Enough!

The positive aspect of this influence is in what happens today in Brazil, when millions of citizens communicate through social networks, they peacefully take to the streets to demonstrate their indignation, to demand solutions in a movement that is already known around the world as “Brazilian Spring”.


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