The health prospects of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are positive, according to Fox News, on the eve of the important debate among the presidential candidates.

The medical team following the presidential treatment reported that Trump had a quiet night and that the symptoms are less evident. “Vital signs and physical examination remain stable, with an outpatient oxygen saturation level of 95-97%. Overall, he continues to do extremely well, we will provide updates as we learn more.”

Most of the country’s news outlets hit Trump hard, allowing the perception that they are campaigning for the Democratic candidate. The point is raised to cast doubt on the word of the doctors responsible for the health of the country’s first representative, which strikes the absurd.

But the concrete fact is that doctors report a significant improvement in the past few days, especially since he started being treated with remdesivir, a Regeneron antibody therapy and the steroid dexamethasone. It is strange that this result is not highlighted as a positive alternative for patients in the risk range.

This whole circumstance serves as a warning for people not to be carried away by the monopolization of information. Worse than the so-called Fake News are the compromising versions of the facts.