Eliana Camargo, Founder & Editor-in Chief with Nayara Moraes and Ana Claudia Moreira

Nayara Moraes and Ana Claudia Moreira are the “Master Chefs” of the new and wonderful “catering service” in Las Vegas. Responsible, careful in the preparation of food, and with menu full of incredible suggestions for parties, events and even delivery of meals at home. Nayara is certified in the Master Chef classes in Los Angeles and other American cities, but also in far flung places such as Moscow, Russia and Brazil. Ana Claudia follows the same path with courses in Buenos Aires and Brazil, having experience in several branches of international cuisine. Today they host several Home Hospitality events for the World Affairs Council’s International Visitors Program in Las Vegas where culture diversity is dominant among those present, and it is up this incredible, talented team of Chefs that create the evening’s common denominator by serving the delicious flavors of international cuisine. Contact with Pastry and Pasta can be made through the following numbers:

(702) 553-5745

(702) 354-5651

Eliana Camargo, Two Flags Post, Founder, International Correspondent, Journalist Mtb 0083568/SP/BR, graduated from Universidade Mackenzie in São Paulo.