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(5/8/2022 11:17) Urgent and Important

Mossad, considered one of the most efficient intelligence services in the world, anticipates the Islamic Jihad attack in a precise operation, eliminates the terrorists, including the commander of the attack who was hiding in an apartment. The operation is already considered a milestone in the anticipation of high-risk actions.

Southern Israel went through four days of intense tension on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, when the inhabitants of the region were told that they must not leave their homes, the train lines that pass through the region were all suspended as well as many bus lines and several roads closed due to Islamic Jihad threats that it would attack Israel.

This morning Israel opened its borders again to allow the entry of Palestinians working in Israel.

Islamic Jihad interpreted the Israeli action as a reduction in readiness and decided to prepare a major attack.

The army’s intelligence service was monitoring the actions of the Jihad military leadership and it was decided to eliminate the danger.

When the vehicle was carrying the equipment and members that would carry out the immense attack, Israel decided to anticipate and destroyed the vehicle with its occupants.

At the same time, in a precise attack, a rocket hit the apartment where the general commander of the Islamic Jihad military area was hiding.

Israel is fully alert and ready to face possible reprisals from the terrorist group.

Importantly, no Hamas equipment was attacked, as Hamas has sent clear signals that it has no intention of attacking Israel.

[5/8 11:37 Islamic Jihad forces decided to attack Israel with anti-tank rockets as the Iron Dome of Israel cannot shoot down this type of weapon.

Israel identified the movement, bombed and destroyed the two batteries that were preparing to start the bombing.

In the Israeli attack, the Commander of the Jihad anti-tank batteries was shot down. This is a serious blow to Jihad.

Minister Ayelet Shaked said just now: “We will not allow Islamic Jihad to dictate the living conditions of the inhabitants of the border region”.

Military sources consider that Jihad received a deep and unexpected blow, having lost 15 terrorists, including some important officers.



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