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In pursuit of serenity

sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2024

Living a simple life has been a tonic of our days in the pursuit of happiness. Minimalism is present and has been stimulated as a way of being happy day after day. Following this path and at the same time discard off unnecessary goods, we would become freer, because we would have more time to focus on the things that really matter.

Clothes bought for years that are in the closets with hope that the day will be able to need, CDs of songs that we have not more time to listen, books did read and that very remotely will we reread for the simple fact that we do not have time to do so.

Minimalists go so far as to suggest that you have a car, you can discard and start pedaling, if you have a bicycle you can discard and start a walk.

Is that what you can idealize for a good life. Knowing where to cut and what is important, but the best is what put a smile on the lips. Like Marie Kondo, a best selling author, who are dedicated to organizing the world and spreading joy in people’s lives use to say.

Will this bring joy and value to my life? Please ask yourself if this will to bring you joy. A sneaker can remember you to exercise, take a walk. One small purse is easier to hold in your hand, and the same applies to the size of the female bags, when are smaller are better.

When making a new purchase ask yourself the real value of this good.  Give up these unnecessary things, and bring joy to the people who may need these goods. Be happy and free with few, have more life and create spaces that are more proportioned and inspired to work at home and at work.

Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, M.Sc. Two Flags Post, Founder, Sciences, Health, Education & Environment Editor, Journalist – Mtb 0083570/SP/BR, IAL Scientific Researcher.

Image – Serenity: Autumn in International Jurere.



Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, MSc
Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, MSc
Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, MSc. Two Flags Post Fundadora, Editor de Ciências, Saúde, Educação e Meio Ambiente, Jornalista - Mtb 0083570/SP/BR, Pesquisador Científico do IAL.

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