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I came, I saw, and I won: a successful Brazilian in America. The story of Paula Borges

sábado, maio 18, 2024
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Dear readers, in order to explain myself better, allow me to express myself in the third person. Paula Borges, 39 years old, is a Brazilian immigrant, born in Goiania-Brazil, and a Paulist at heart, because she lived in the capital of São Paulo for 18 years until she decided to come to America. In 2016, after several political and economic crises in Brazil, and later with the death of her father, Paula decided to come to the US to invest in English language studies, quickly and effectively, being immersed in the American environment to achieve the goal of learning English as a second language within a maximum period of one year. Initially, Paula’s planning it was to know the English language perfectly, taking her professional career to the next level, as a Controller or Controllership Manager and Finance in Brazil, an activity for which was certified since 2009 with an MBA in Controllership and Finance from University Uninove, in São Paulo.

Despite the focus on studies, Paula came to the US with a tourist visa valid for one year (after extension), an option chosen by many Brazilians because it is the cheapest and least bureaucratic visa category. The intention was to be immersed in American culture to learn, quickly, speak English and thus be able to exercise the role of ‘Controller in Brazil’ – Paula Borges. Despite being certified in the activity of Controller, and 20 years of experience in ​​controllership and tax accounting, to exercise the activity of Controller in Brazil, it was necessary to have knowledge of the English language for translation, communication and issuing of reports with the American companies that have business in Brazil.

America’s first months were not easy. Paula Borges arrived in the US at the end of April 2016, and brought her only daughter, who at the time was only 8 years old. Like many who come from Brazil to the US, she was unaware that the American school period differs from the Brazilian one, where the school year in Brazil runs from January to December of the same year. In the US, the school period starts in August of the current year and ends in May of the following year. This is because the country has more marked seasons than in Brazil, especially in relation to the winter, this school schedule is made to provide the school vacation period in the summer months, so that children and families can better enjoy the period of rest for outdoor school activities.

Unaware of this problem, Paula arrived in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, with the “face and courage” and a lot of willpower, focus and faith, to start the search for her dream and professional fulfillment. Initially, her goal was to achieve the position as Controller in Brazil, which plans have changed over time. The issue of the difference in school vacation periods for the Brazilian calendar brought more financial effort on the part of Paula, as the proposed planned resources were not made, considering this problem, but this was not a reason for her to give up on her dream and focus on having English as a second language. Paula had to invest in babysitting so that her little daughter would have someone to take care of her, while she was studying to get her American driver’s license, and get a paid informal activity. Due to her immigration status, in order to help support herself during the period of stay in the USA, without this also compromising the time of language studies, as far as possible, carried out in schools of Non-Governmental Entities (NGOs), such as English classes and Bible study for immigrants in churches, and at Goodwill. She then begin studied three times a week in each of these philanthropic institutions, in addition to studying English at home, and with friends, after all, that was the goal, to be immersed in the American language in order to quickly learn conversational English.

Paula Borges worked part time cleaning houses and restaurants, as helper in the installation of wooden floors, animating children parties, working in a dealership store, etc. up to start her activities in the accounting area through a referral from a cleaning lady friend to the position of accountant.

During this super enriching experience, both morally, spiritually, and professionally speaking, Paula Borges met an American, Scott Brod, who initially introduced himself as a friend to help her with the language. Friendship from which it developed and became a marriage that in July 2021 will complete 4 years. After her marriage, in July 2017, Paula Borges gave up her initial plans to come to America to learn the language and reach the last level in her professional career in Controllership in Brazil, to invest in something bigger than the professional, in the family. And with that choice, facing the challenges of an immigrant’s life, even if legalized in America.

Contribution of immigrants to America in the financial field: personal, property and corporate

In 2017, after a marriage, and the decision to stay in the US permanently, Paula Borges, who was already working in the financial area in Brazil, decided to start to understand about the security options, college planning and retirement applied to the US, once that now, this would be her new home and her new future should start to be built in the urgency of yesterday, especially when she knew of the high cost of hospital expenses in matters of serious illnesses, expensive colleges (even if public) and the low distribution of income in public pensions offered by the government through the SSN.

Among several analyzes of American financial products for the purpose of private retirement, and after reading an article in Gazeta News talking about Indexed Plans, Paula Borges decided to contact the person responsible for the article, Claudia Fehricbach, to find out about financial plans at position as a client, and thus came the first opportunity to work in the financial industry in the US, to act as a consultant in the insurance industry, as Claudia saw in Paula a potential far beyond a client, and yes, a person who loves finance, likes to learn and even more, to teach the knowledge already acquired, because Paula in Brazil, in addition to acting as an accountant, financial consultant, and project manager, also worked as a teacher, teaching at two tax schools in Sao Paulo, in the sphere Supervisor.

At that time, Paula Borges was already acting as a bookkeeper (responsible for all accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, invoicing, bank reconciliations, etc.) of a General Contractor and did not want to accept the proposal at first. A year passed, after a wonderful meeting that took place in Atlanta, at a Training Retreat promoted by one of the largest brokers in the US for qualified, licensed agents, chosen according to the potential for interaction and growth with the group, of which Paula Borges was invited by Claudia Fehribach to participate in this event to learn about the company’s proposal and the structure it had throughout the American territory.

And that’s how Paula Borges had her “turn of the key” and from that event, she decided to be part of this wonderful project with a real and worthy purpose of helping the lower, middle and upper classes with regard to finances, reaching individuals in general and not just businessmen, which until then was Paula’s biggest market niche.

Today, Paula Borges is National Vice President with Five Rings Financial, being one of the most prominent leaders representing those domiciled in Atlanta-GA, working not only in that state but in more than ten states of the American federation. Paula Borges also stood out with Brazillionaires Agency, founded by CEO Gustavo Couto and among other Brazilian agents who work and act, in this same synergy and purpose: The mission of transforming the middle and upper classes into the most prosperous and healthy financially here in the US.

Paula Borges started her activities with Five Rings Financial part time, and since 2021, she has been working full time in the consultancy and education activities for the Brazilian, Hispanic, and American communities.

In 2017 she starts her studies to become licensed as an insurance agent by the state of Georgia, but only in May 2019 she starts her professional activities. Operating with excellent products on the market, combined with years of experience in the financial area adapted and adjusted to the American methodology and laws, Paula Borges was promoted to Regional Vice President in October 2019, just five months after starting her professional activities with the company of commercial representation Five Rings Financial, based in Colorado, founded by CEO Mike Wilk.



Paula Borges

Financial Consultant – Living Benefit Experts

Email: [email protected]


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