InícioBusinessBrazilian professionals making a difference in America - By Paula Borges

Brazilian professionals making a difference in America – By Paula Borges

sexta-feira, dezembro 1, 2023

The Five Rings Financial Regional Training Camp took place last week, on July 10, 2021, in Boca Raton – Florida, with the participation of the CEO Mike Wilk, promoted by the Brazillionaires agency of the CEO Gustavo Couto.

There were about 300 Brazilians, licensed agents who are changing the financial industry in the US from the immigrant population, especially from the Brazilian Communities located throughout the American territory.

Paula Borges, resident and domiciled in Atlanta – GA, our interviewee today, was one of the speakers at the event, has 20 years of experience in a financial career as an accountant, controller, and project manager. In the US, she was a bookkeeper and has been a financial consultant for Five Rings Financial for two years.

“It was gratifying to participate in this event which is entering the history of the American financial industry, where we Brazilians are making a difference and changing the financial reality of our clients with education and strategic personal planning necessary for every individual residing and domiciled in the American territory, regardless of their immigration status”.

 Paula Borges also received at the same event the promotion as National Vice President symbolized by the Green Jacket of Five Rings Financial. “It was exciting to receive my green jacket. I am grateful for the recognition of the company that is American for our work, dedication and daily efforts that are not easy having English as a second language.”

 The event was promoted for agents, but the winners are our communities, from which they will be dealing with qualified professionals, trained, prepared to expand, and educate our population about the differences between the current American legislation and the Brazilian one.

Even amidst the epidemic crisis, the Five Rings agency with the Brazillionaires grew 124% in the last year. The team continues to expand!

Paula Borges, one of the members of the Brazillionaires agency, is focused on expanding and growing her agency throughout the American territory.

People who are interested in working in the highest-paying Financial Industry Career in the US, who want to work from home, part-time or full-time, the requirements are: to be over 18 and have a work permit in the US. You do not need experience in the financial area, the company offers training. Needs willpower, communication skills and enjoy dealing with people. Licensed Activity. Valid for Portuguese, English, and Spanish speakers.

The company has also been expanding networking with Business Partners to act in the advocate function. Potential business partners are real estate agents, mortgage brokers, health insurance agents, insurance agents, doctors and nurses, immigration lawyers and paralegals, etc.

The company is expanding and this event, the first Regional Training Camp 100% in Portuguese, is the first of many others to come.

Paula Borges

National Vice President – Five Rings Financial

Email: [email protected]



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