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Brazil, it’s time to vote!!!

segunda-feira, outubro 2, 2023

Brazilian society, this crucible of different races and cultures, once again throughout its history has shown itself to be averse to any type of radicalism.

The majority of the population believes in Gd and manifests their Faith through different religions, mutually respecting the different rites, naturally accepting materialists and agnostics.

An interesting survey on the values ​​that Brazilians value most, commissioned in the past by the Ethos Institute and carried out by Marcondes Consultoria with the British Barrett Values ​​Centre, and still valid today, reveals the perception that Brazilians have of themselves and of reality, the from the values ​​that individuals consider most important.

The five most voted values ​​were: Friendship (50.9%), Family (44%), Honesty (39.5%), Respect (37.3%) and Humility and Joy (34.7%).

The results are revealing and show that Brazilians see themselves as people who: are considerate of others, like to share joy and trust, and have a cheerful and modest nature.

The Brazilian believes in Gd and considers himself a gregarious, friendly, honest, cheerful and humble individual, so nothing more natural than defending Freedom, repudiating extremes, not accepting the return to the past and trying to stay away from radicalism and violence. , including verbal.

The elections that are now taking place there should reflect the conservative and liberal character of the immense majority. Brazilians seek peace, justice, security, poverty reduction, education, health, quality public transport, comfortable housing and special care for children and the elderly.

Even in violent and aggressive traffic, small changes in behavior can already be noticed, as a result of the exposure of users of the transport system, to the incalculable number of flagrants, identified by smartphones and cameras that are spread across the  the country.

Post-pandemic Brazilians discovered another value: the importance of social networks. In all corners of Brazil people are plugged into their cell phones and know what is happening immediately. The old and consortium media lost value, being reduced to half a dozen newspapers, magazines and televisions whose significance can be measured by the format of the tabloid, the number of advertisers, the reduced circulation and the numbers of its audience.

It even seems that the Brazilian has rediscovered Brazil !!!
Happy Vote!!!

Jô Soares entrevista com José Roberto de Souza Dias

José Roberto de Souza Dias, PhD
Doctor in Human Sciences and Master in Economic History from USP,  Doctor Honoris Causa by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Florianópolis , Two Flags Post – Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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