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Facts about Nevada (*)

quarta-feira, julho 17, 2024

Do you know why the name of the State is Nevada. What is the capital of the State of Nevada? By the State of Nevada is known as Silver State? What do you mean? Nevada has an area of atomic tests?

Nevada in the Triassic period

There are 225 million years ago, during the Triassic period, the Nevada Territory was covered by ocean. Today, Nevada State Park, Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park are exposed fossils of extinct marine reptiles, ranging from 2 to more than 50 feet long and between them is the fossil of ichthyosauro (pronounced “ick-ti-o-sores”) were ancient marine reptiles that swam in a warm ocean covering central Nevada. These giant marine vertebrate remains are on display in the House of the fossil in the Park, and these fossils are an attraction for visitors from all over the world. (1)

Occupation, colonization and origins of the name of Nevada

For centuries, this land located in the region of the Rocky Mountains, lived tribes of American Indians: Goshute, Paiute, Shoshone, and Washo. (2)

The first Europeans to explore the region were the Spaniards. These explorers gave the name of Nevada to the region because of the snow that had accumulated on top of the mountains in the winter months. Nevada was a Spanish colony and after independence from Spain became part of Mexico. It was later integrated to the United States and elevated to the rank of Member State, during the American civil war and for this reason, the State was nicknamed The Battle Born State (3).

Important to know that in Nevada is situated the famous Hoover Dam Dam, considered the largest public works project in American history. When the Hoover Dam project began in 1931, thousands of workers have migrated to the State, causing a considerable development. The complex formed by Hoover Dam Dam is Lake Mead, considered one of the largest reservoirs of water in the United States. Located 24 miles from the Strip, South-East of the city of Las Vegas, covers the States of Nevada and Arizona. Since 1983 does not reach your maximum capacity, depending on the combination of drought and increased demand.

Gold and silver mines

When gold was discovered in California in 1848, a true fever brought dozens of trains full of adventurers to the desert. Las Vegas, flat cultivable land, became an obligatory stop along the route West.

A Rico deposit of gold and silver, called stock Lode was discovered in Virginia City, Nevada, in 1859. Miners, most Mormons, and adventurers interested in fast and wild enrichment caused border towns appear almost overnight. Las Vegas has become a stopover, with railroads and steps along the route West, and in just over a decade, the future of Nevada has changed.

Nevada, The Silver State or the State of silver-has been gaining importance due to your mineral wealth. Its Capital is Carson City and was founded in 1858. Nevada is the seventh American States in size, but is little village. It borders the States of Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and California.

Economic Bases

The production of minerals was your first economic axis. In 1882, With stock Lode had produced more than $300 million in gold and silver. Today Nevada still is considered the fourth largest gold producer in the world after China, Australia and South Africa, and provides three-quarters of all the gold mined in the United States. Currently, the economy of Nevada still has the mining as a primary source of income, and the State is a major producer of silver, gold, oil and sand. Currently, the State’s largest source of income is tourism. Nevada is famous for its casinos and luxury hotels, which are mainly concentrated in Las Vegas and in Reno.


In 1950, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission selected the State of Nevada as a test site for nuclear weapons, for being little town. Then, Area 51, was created by the Central Intelligence Agency with the objective to develop and test secret military projects in the desert west of Las Vegas. This decision, and some mining operations, brought additional revenues to the State.

Important to note that the federal Government has almost 85% of all the land within the State of Nevada. However, tourism is undoubtedly the financial backbone and biggest industry in Nevada. Sparkling lights illuminate the night the city of Las Vegas that attracts milhões tourists every year.

Lake Mead, the ski resorts of Lake Tahoe, Laughlin, Reno and the topography of the State dazzling make Nevada one of the most exciting destinations for holding conventions and for vacation, without doubt one of the places preferred by people from all over the world.

Note: (1) Department of Conservation and. Natural Resource; (2) Wikipedia; (3) Aenetworks


Rosa Maria Donini Das, M.Sc. Sciences, Health, Education, Environment, Master Editor & in science from the University of São Paulo-USP, Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Scientific Researcher of Instituto Adolfo Lutz, an expert in Medical Parasitology, São Paulo, Brazil.

Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias,
Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias,
Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, MSc. Farmacêutica bioquímica e jornalista, fundadora do Two Flags Post, Editora de Ciências, Saúde, Educação e Meio Ambiente, Jornalista - Mtb 0083570/SP/BR, Pesquisadora Científica no IAL. She is a biochemist pharmacist and journalist, founder of the Two Flags Post, Editor of Sciences, Health, Education, and Environment, Journalist - Mtb 0083570/SP/BR, Scientific Researcher at IAL.

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