Bill Sakkab, Desert Diamond Jewelers

It started when he was in the seventh grade after writing an essay about gems.
From an early age Bill Sakkab was fascinated with gems and precious metals.
At the age of 17, in 1992, he became a fixture in his uncle’s jewelry store
where he learned the importance of customer service. From there it was the
challenge of getting a top notch education.

Bill graduated from the Gemological Institute of America. In 2005, now married to Andrea, who hails from Brazil, he set off for a new life in Las Vegas. Bill opened several jewelry stores before deciding he wanted to spend more time with the family, enjoying life.

The result of that metamorphosis, is a beautiful jewelry store located right on
9310 S. Eastern Ave, the Desert Diamond Jewelers. Now with wife, Andrea and
son, Lucas, in the store by his side, makes Bill a happy man. It’s a warm jewelry
store if you can imagine that! There are jewels, gems and a world of watches,
there are bars of silver and gold and loose diamonds on jeweler work benches.
Bill even creates gold chains and bracelets, by hand and he buys stuff, too. You
can bring Bill your unwanted gold bars and loose diamonds. But what is most
impressive is the amount of clients in the store, and the thing they all wear in
common is a smile, earned by Bill when he was 17.

Eliana Camargo, journalist Two Flags Post



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