Benefits of a walk

sexta-feira, setembro 29, 2023

Benefits of a walk

Geniuses are people who bring great advances to the knowledge of humanity. If you would like inspiration in your intellectual work and want to get up for a walk, do it. As Zaria Gorvett of writes, Einstein did every day a walk of a mile and a half when he was at Princeton University, and Darwin did 45 minute walks three times a day.

Walking,, in addition to maintaining the health of the body, boosts memory, creativity and problem solving. It causes the brain to temporarily slow down activities related to language, memory and judgment and adopt a different thinking style that can lead to insights that would not happen at the desk. Walking does not require specific skills and can increase brain circuits and reduce memory and attention loss.

When walking we receive visual, olfactory and tactile stimuli. Walking also helps to maintain the original brain volume and prevent Alzheimer`s and dementia. Reducing the age-related loss of brain volume is pointed out by researches as a benefit acquired with this habit, since people who walk 10 km per week have a smaller reduction when compared to people that do not. In addition, according to The Journal Nature, when we walk in green spaces there is a reduction of depression of 7 to 9%.

It is always worth remembering that not only the brain, but the health of the whole body is important. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothes, choose hours to avoid the most intense heat, use sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
Good walk!!!

Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias

Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, MSc
Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, MSc
Rosa Maria Donini Souza Dias, MSc. Two Flags Post Fundadora, Editor de Ciências, Saúde, Educação e Meio Ambiente, Jornalista - Mtb 0083570/SP/BR, Pesquisador Científico do IAL.

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