In May of this year I wrote a text portraying the violence that my 6-year-old daughter and I suffered after leaving through the front door of the school where she studies.

One criminal stands in front of my car and points a gun in my direction, another criminal approaches quickly while a third gives his two cohorts, cover.

At that moment only one thing crossed my mind, getting out of there with my child. I checked that the car door was properly locked and I was going to leave that place because I was in the safety of an “Armored” car.

In my text I had said that “Having an armored car currently in a city like Sao Paulo is no longer a luxury item but a security item.”

Now I have to rectify my sentence. “Having an armored car currently in a city like Sao Paulo is a must for anyone who wants to preserve their own and their loved ones’ safety.”

Last September 4, a Wednesday, a family member and club regular like me, a member of the Ypiranga Athletic Club (CAY) lost his life trying to get out of a risky situation right after picking up his two-year-old son from pre-school.

Watching the security video footage showing the criminal murdering ‘IMarcelo’ caused me to relive those harrowing moments when my daughter and I were in harm’s way. The violence we suffer has no limits.

Today the criminal kills a family man not to defend his own life, but for the fact that for him life has no value.

He who takes the life of a father to steal a cell phone or any other material good should not be treated as a victim of society in court, but as a cancer that must be extricated so that it does not destroy the whole of society.

We can no longer allow this kind of tragedy to continue without strong action by the government, the national congress and the senate.

We need to start this movement as soon as possible.

Alexandre Sonchim.

“Ethics is more than non-negotiable


Charles Saba, Two Flags Post Founder, Security Editor & Advertising Sales Department, Journalist Mtb 0083622/SP/BR, expert and international speaker on public safety.