As Brazil crosses one of the most difficult pages of its recent history, when cities and entire states lose control of organized crime and are forced to accept interventionist measures, without which they would succumb to crime once and for all, that it is always possible to find a new alternative capable of restoring peace and hope.
 The Brazilian press, which is totally focused on corruption, violence and the electoral process, and that could not be any different, hardly noticed the importance of a discreet injection of new blood into the Brazilian public security structure.
 In assuming the Government of Santa Catarina, due to the absence of the incumbent who will run for a seat in the Senate, Eduardo Pinho Moreira, the new governor, decided to place the issue of public security as one of his main fronts.
 Thus, the Governor was right in choosing the target and especially in the choice of the lance.
Alceu de Oliveira Pinto Junior, the new Secretary of Public Security is an outsider  in the world of politics, a lawyer and teacher, he has strong academic ties that make him respected and influential, both in his environment and outside.
 It is important to note that the new Secretary is a graduate in Law and Doctor of Legal Sciences, with experience in the area of ​​Criminal Law. The solid legal training adds up to substantial knowledge of the issues of public safety. In figurative terms it can be said that he is able to build dungeons for crime and palaces for virtues!
The governmental choice, to some degree surprising, drives a salutary exit from the comfort zone, instigates new procedures and seeks solutions to problems that daily life did not allow to be visualized.
Certainly, the new Secretary of Security, with his renovating spirit, will be attentive to the solution of the serious security problems that already affect the State. As is the case of North Florianópolis Island where organized crime fights every inch of the way. Even Jurere International, famous for its beauty and “security” already feels the effects of crime. Today this beach stands out for the consumption of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine), popularly known as Michael Douglas, the active principle of ecstasy, which became widespread in American festivities of the 1980s, when it was also banned. It became the drug of choice at electronic ballads and After Parties that spread to the beach clubs and the mansions rented for this purpose.
It is important to point out that one of the most serious problems in Santa Catarina is violence in traffic. In this regard, there is a strong expectation, since Alceu de Oliveira, years ago, actively participated in the efforts to bring to the State a unit of the Hospital Sara Kubitscheck specialized in the treatment of people with serious disabilities of locomotion and trauma caused by accidents. In addition to crime problems, traffic safety is expected to become one of the priorities of the new management.
By all this it is possible to affirm that here and now the universe conspires in favor of life!
Prof. Dr. José Roberto de Souza Dias, was Director of the National Department of Traffic and Responsible for the Implementation of the Brazilian Traffic Code. Publisher &  Editor-in Chief of Two Flags Post
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Charles Saba, Director of USPIT, United States Police Instructor Team, Commercial Editor of Two Flags Post.